Ouarzazate day trip from Marrakech

Ouarzazate day trip from Marrakech

Ouarzazate day trip from marrakech is the best choice If you want to explore the south-east of Morocco from the direction of Marrakech, the former garrison town of Ouarzazate, the gateway to the Kasbah road and an important center – not only for the capital but also for the global film industry – almost invariably happens.

Ouarzazate is located at over 1000 meters above sea level between the Anti Atlas and the High Atlas. From here, the so-called Kasbah road runs north-east to Errachidia. Further south-east, one follows the course of the Drâa as far as Zagora and further to the Sahara in the M’Hamid threatened by desertification.

Ouarzazate day trip from Marrakech

Welcome to Mollywood!

The former garrison town of the French Foreign Legislature has an airport, but it is relatively unadorned and apart from a restored Kasbah has relatively little to offer. Its location makes it a good starting point for touring the Rosental, the UNESCO world heritage site Aït Benhaddou, the desert or the street of the Kasbahs .

However, if you are interested in films and the cinematic importance of Morocco, there are several worthwhile points of contact near Ouarzazate. These include, for example, the Atlas Corporation Studios , founded in 1983 , one of the main driving forces of the Moroccan film industry, which Ouarzazate‘s beloved surname “Mollywood” have brought. The UNESCO-protected Ksar Aït Benhaddou, which has served as a backdrop for many famous Mollywood productions, is only around 30 km away. The series of films made in Ouarzazate and Aït Benhaddou is long and you have certainly seen one or the other of them. These film productions include monumental film making such as Gladiator  (2000) or The Bible  (1994).

Ouarzazate day trip from Marrakech

The world-famous directors Bernardo Bertolucci, Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone, Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock, and the list of well-known films, which were filmed completely or partially in the Ouarzazate area, are long. These include, for example, Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Star Wars (1977), James Bond 007 , The Last Temptation of Christ(1988), Seven Years in Tibet (1997), The Legionnaire (1998) ), The Mummy (1999), Black Hawk Down (2001), Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (2002), Alexander (2004),

Visit the studios, a career as a statistician and other destinations

Atlas Film Studios can usually be visited for an entrance fee of 60 DH. Whether this visit is really worthwhile, however, there are different answers on the Internet. The fact is that the visitors are guided through different film venues, where they can see, among other things, the Egyptian temple of Asterix & Obelix and a F16-Kampflieger from the hunt for the jewel of the Nile . This video gives an impression of this visit.

The film location Ouarzazate gained in importance with the opening of the CLA studios, which in 2005 were only 2 kilometers next to the Atlas Film Studios and invested 10 million dollars in investments. Moroccan producer Mohamed Asli founded a film school here. In 2007, the Musée du Cinéma was also opened directly in Ouarzazate , which can be viewed for 50 DH and is a further point of reference for film friends.
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